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My Vintage typewriter is my pencil... I tap away at the old typewriter keys, how exciting it is when an image starts to appear.  It’s fair to say, there’s not many of us around, so if you’re looking for something a little different, please take a look at my work. I started one Christmas, with the intention to create a unique gift for my family, by typing a portrait of their children. Once people saw the portraits, I was then asked to type bikes, cars, people’s houses and, before I knew it, I was known as the Typewriter Artist.  I decided to take my work into the public view and booked a few craft fairs. I couldn’t believe the response I got.   For me, one of the best things I take away from my work are people’s reaction when they realise how my work has been created.  You can actually see the moment the penny drops, they take a step closer to look and say “WOW!” In order to further develop my typed images, I also screen print them.  Screen-printing also allows me to have runs of limited editions.

How to contact Ann ... don't forget to mention ICAN!





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