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Video maker & label: Well life for John Bentham in the Music and Film Business began in about 1981, with the management of local acts One Way System & Zanti Misfitz, we set up as Jettisoundz.  The led to a local all day Punk event ‘Up Yer Tower’, fronted by GBH, that started the ball rolling basically, and led to the creation of the largest catalogue of independent footage the world has ever seen.  Making live video for sale to the public was a new thing, Punk Rock was having bawl, Psychobilly followed this, and we went on from there, in 1992 we partnered with Cherry Red Records and it still continues to this day.  

The Live stuff we featured included The Exploited, UK Subs, Toy Dolls, Chelsea, Meteors, Guana Batz, Mark Almond, James, Roy Harper, Paradise Lost, Men They Couldn’t Hang, Buzzcocks, Sham 69, Jayne County, Toyah, Alien Sex Fiend, Black Flag, Nico & Hawkwind (an amazing 6 times).

We went and produced almost 200 promo video for the likes of Screaming Lord Sutch, Turnpike Cruisers, Robin Hitchcock, Cherry Bombz, Psychic TV & K-Klass, then moved into film with likes of Kenneth Anger, William Burroughs, Charles Bukowski & Andy Warhol, and then into film properly with about 50 movies such as The Pope of Utah, Rhythm Thief, Original Sins, Dead Next Door, Pervirella & Cannibal The Musical.  I say no more, it was a hell of a journey.

I didn’t really do very much for a few years, particularly whilst we had Outl4w, with our 3 boys on the go, it was a good period.  Now they are just sprouting as ‘Strange Bones’, and we’ll see how that goes.  Today we’ve got ‘Robin Ross Interviews’ & ‘Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show’, making a new album, along with, most importantly the St Annes Music Festival taking place in July this year with the Kites on the front.

We spent all of our lives in Lytham St Annes, which makes me very proud, of the achievement, but you know I’m 62 now, and I’m still going relatively strongly at it.  I’ve never seen before a group of people formed together like ICAN.  Well in fact this is what has made me do this.  This grouping of people is very important, don’t think anything else.

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