Bringing together the Creatives of Blackpool & The Fylde Coast

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I am a multi-media creative artiste who operates under the umbrella of Brickbat Enterprises. I am a performance artist under the guise of "The Brian Prebble Experience" which fuses music, poetry, drama and comedy with a healthy dose of improvisation... and surreality. Creativity acts as my pulse, and I indulge in a variety of creative pursuits - music, poetry, photography, videography, web design, and writing. I see myself as an observer, constantly looking at the world around me - sometimes in wonder, sometimes in bewilderment - and present my findings through my works. I have always believed that the arts in general should challenge and inspire others to ask their own questions about life and the world around us and am not afraid to be provocative when need be. I have just moved to Blackpool and am looking most forward to contributing to it's vibrant creative scene. I am also hoping to develop and write a couple of plays that have been festering inside my mind for many years amongst other things...



Skills: Performance Artist, Photographer, Poet, Videographer, Web Designer, Writer